Frequently Asked Questions

Can you migrate the website for me? Are there any migration or hidden set up fees?
We migrate all websites with zero set up fees. This includes converting the site to https, optimization and security hardening of your WordPress website.

Does WP Charged offer email?
As we specialize in WordPress we do not offer email services. We recommend Google’s G Suite for email services. We also recommend using a WordPress plugin such as Easy SMTP to send email from your WordPress install via your mail service provider to improve email deliverability from your website. We can assist with this and setting up of any MX, SPF or other required DNS records.

Do you offer cPanel or other control panels?

We do not include cPanel on our servers as we keep the software on our servers minimal in order to provide the fastest load times. We do however offer phpMyAdmin and secure sFTP access for database and file management.

Which versions of PHP do your offer?

We offer PHP 5.6 to the latest version (7.1). We can test if your code is PHP7 compatible, and only upgrade PHP versions with your permission.

PHP 7.2 will be available once the public stable version is released in early December 2017.

Do you block the use of any plugins?

We are very flexible with the plugins used. However we don’t allow backup plugins or most security plugins due to the duplicate functionality, as we take weekly backups and have our own firewall designed to protect against WordPress attacks. We may also make alternative suggests if a plugin is found to be resource heavy.

What does Managed WordPress hosting mean?

We manage backups, load time performance, and security. This includes free security updates to plugins and WordPress. We offer non-security updates to plugins, themes and WordPress core versions for an extra fee.

We will also add your site to Google webmaster tools to be alerted of any potential issues with your site.

My website is hacked. Can you help?

Whether your a new client or a current customer we offer a free hack repair and security hardening service for no extra fee.

How fast will my site be after moving to WP Charged?

Send us a message with a link to your website and we can give you an estimate of the load times to expect after moving to us.

Have a question for us? or would like to know more? Email or send us a message.