Frequently Asked Questions

What does Managed WordPress hosting mean?

We manage backups, performance, security and generally ensure the website is running smoothly. This includes free updates of plugins with security issues, and at times updates of popular plugins if significant issues are found in older releases. We offer non-security updates to plugins, themes and major WordPress core versions for an extra fee. If your site has a small amount of plugins it may be eligible for free plugin updates.

We will also add your website to Google webmaster tools to be alerted of any potential indexing or security issues.

How fast will my website be after moving to WP Charged?

Every website so far has seen a significant speed improvement in moving over to WP Charged. In general the response time is  5 – 20x faster than shared hosting, with the fully loaded time even up to 20x faster in some cases. Not only that but because we use the latest technology and are passionate about website speed you can expect your website to get faster as time goes on not slower. We can also give you an estimate of the load times to expect over your current host.

Where is the data centre located?

Your website is hosted in a highly secure data centre in Auckland, New Zealand. The data centre has multiple security layers, temperature and humidity control, is carrier neutral and has backup power generators.

My website is hacked. Can you help?

Yes! We can clean and secure your website. Whether you’re a new or existing client.

Do you offer free migrations? Are there any hidden set up fees?

We migrate all websites with zero set up fees. This includes converting the site to https, optimization and security hardening of your WordPress website.

Which versions of PHP do your offer?

We offer PHP 7.1 up to the latest version PHP7.3. We can test if your code is PHP7 compatible, and test websites thoroughly before upgrading PHP versions for an individual site.

Does WP Charged offer email?

As we specialize in WordPress only we do not offer email services. We recommend Google’s G Suite for email services.

Do you offer cPanel or other control panels?

We do not include cPanel on our servers as we keep the software on our servers minimal in order to provide the fastest load times. We do however offer phpMyAdmin, secure sFTP access for file management and backup access through the WP dashboard or via support.

Are any plugins blocked?

We are very flexible with plugins. However we don’t allow backup plugins or most security plugins due to the duplicate functionality. Generally backups should not be stored on the same server for both security and performance reasons. We take daily and weekly offsite backups and have our own constantly evolving multi-layered firewall designed to protect against WordPress attacks. We may make alternative suggests if a plugin is found to be resource heavy but in most cases can be optimized first.


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